Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas

Christ-Centered Easter Basket Ideas


Easter is a holiday that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Some families choose to celebrate with lavish Easter baskets full of all the cute outfits, toys, and candy. Some families choose not to do Easter baskets. We personally do not give our kids Easter baskets; however, for those Christian families that do, and need a few ideas - I got you!


There was a time when I bought my kids Easter baskets and filled them full of candy and goodies. Over the years, I have felt convicted in a few areas within different holidays, and decided to make some changes. We have not been giving our kids Easter baskets full of toys and candy for a few years now. They do however have Easter baskets they use to do egg hunts, and we allow them to partake in fellowship and fun with others in doing egg hunts. The reason for not personally giving them baskets full of toys and candy is because Easter, to me, is the most important holiday; and I want our family to focus being together, and worshiping our Sovereign Lord, in reverence and gratitude. Not to mention, I just don't feel they need something for every little even or holiday; and this is a big one to me.




Easter celebrates the fulfillment of our one true hope, Jesus, having died on the cross and rose three days later. I want my kids to truly understand the sacrifice of what those three days meant. Everything - all hope, all grace, all Bible prophesy, all our sins, all of Jesus' earthly purpose was completed when he died on the cross and rose again. Because of how important this holiday is, it's just not one where our kid's receive gifts. They have already been given the best gift they could ever receive! 

With that being said, whether you do baskets or not is a parent's decision; and I make no judgements in the matter. I'm even here offering up ideas! And stay tuned for an idea at the end that might be something to try this year!


Easter Basket Ideas


Here is a list of Easter basket ideas that aren't filled with a ton of candy, but is still fun and they will enjoy! Some things will be better for older kids, some for younger. You know your kids best, therefore, I chose to just make a list of ideas altogether. 

    1. Chocolate Crosses
    2. Notebooks/Pens
    3. Coloring Books/Crayons
    4. Highlighters for Bible
    5. Bible if they don't have one
    6. Engrave their Bible if it hasn't been
    7. Socks (Fun socks or regular if in need)
    8. Bubbles
    9. Books (Easter story books, Brave Books, Christian books)
    10. Oriental Trading has some fun, faith Easter items!
    11. Their favorite drink
    12. A sweet letter from you that they will want to keep forever
    13. Items with verses - jewelry, shirt, magnets, wall art
    14. Sidewalk chalk (You can use to draw crosses and verses on your driveway to encourage others who drive by. If you don't live around others, than just for fun on the porch!)
    15. Easter crafts (You could find some at Hobby Lobby that are cute! They also have a few other things you may grab to toss in there!)
    16. Coupons (One night out to dinner as a family - their choice, date with mom - you pick what we do, etc. Keep it focused on being together and building relationships.)

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Non Easter Basket Ideas


  1. Read the Easter story leading up to Easter. Right before bedtime and prayer is a good time to do that!
  2. Play a family game together - whether outside fun or inside, at your family gathering or when y'all are back home again.
  3. Let them help make a part of Easter dinner or dessert! It's not about the food or perfection. It's about the resurrection. It will not mess up your time or day to let them make a little mess helping you out. The memories will be sweet looking back on, and they will remember them too!
  4. Pray together as a family. 
  5. Together, make and hand out blessing baskets to a few people you know need to be uplifted and be shown hope on the day we celebrate Hope being fulfilled for us! You could make them and leave them at their doors. They don't even have to know who made them. That's one of the great parts about giving. All glory to Christ!

But when you do charitable deeds, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Matthew 6:3


Those are just a few ideas for Christ-centered baskets. Let me know in the comments other ideas you have! Happy Resurrection Day!!




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